Chats From The Deck
Chats From The Deck is a compilation of recordings hosted by Dave Shallbetter, Chairman of Sun 'n Fun Radio (broadcasting on 1510 AM & streaming on from the annual Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo held in Lakeland, Florida, each spring. (For more information on the event please visit Some are recordings of live interviews from the deck of the radio station. Others are pre-recorded interviews done by volunteer reporters during the fly-in. 7/19 NEW- Chats from the Deck, The Podcast! SUN 'n FUN isn't just for April any more! So we're doing a podcast about all the happenings on the SUN 'n FUN campus. A new episode will be released every other month, PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are copyrighted by Sun 'n Fun Radio and may not be used for anything other than your listening enjoyment without the express written permission of Sun 'n Fun Radio. Donations to support SUN 'n FUN Radio can be sent to through PayPal or by clicking below:

Hear Christine Schreiner talk about the exciting AOPA Summit coming in October 2013 in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Tom Horne talks about the 1963 Beechcraft Debonair Sweepstakes airplane.

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Properous Brazil is manufacturing and marketing airplanes and so much more.  Hear the story of how they flew from Brazil to Sun 'n Fun.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about keeping your dog's ears comfortable while flying and more.

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Lori Lane from Pilots for Christ explains the ministry's mission and benefits to people in need of air and land transportation.

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Sean Oaken from Amphibs and Seaplanes stops by for a chat about the beautiful all black Cape Town amphibious airplane.

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Learn all about the new & improved Paradise City, an old/new area of the SUN 'n FUN International Fly-in & Expo.

LAMA's Dan Johnson stops by the virtual deck to chat with Dave about what will be going on there & more...

Thanks for making time Dan!

For more information on SUN 'n FUN, click here:

By Dan Johnson website:

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The world leader in advanced composit aircraft!

Outstanding motor gliders!

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CHeck out Insight Avionics! Self proclaimed Best Engine Monitor!

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Bristell Aircraft has joined forces with Aviation Access Project.

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Help Support Aviation Access Project, a SnFRadio supporter.

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Along with Gunder's Auto, the Gunder Family has vacation Rental Cabins available.

If you're traveling to the mountains, this is an excellent choice of lodging!

Check out their website:

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Congratulations to Gunder's Auto of Lakeland for being one of the winning bids at the Hanger Door Canteen.

The Gunder family has been supporting SUN 'n FUN since the very 1st year!


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WindTee has stepped up and made a donation to SnFRadio. Thei year, our crew will be wearing custom T's from WindTee!

Thanks for your support!

Check out to see some outstanding T shirt designs or reach out to them for your custom T needs!

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SnFRadio would not be possible without the help of Supporters such as Banyan Air Service.

Please stop by Banyan Air Service's booth #D-065 and thank them for supporting us!

Thank you Banyan for your support!

Listen for Banyan's announcement to be aired during the daily airshow at SUN 'n FUN!

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