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Chats From The Deck is a compilation of recordings hosted by Dave Shallbetter, Chairman of Sun 'n Fun Radio (broadcasting on 1510 AM & streaming on from the annual Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo held in Lakeland, Florida, each spring. (For more information on the event please visit Some are recordings of live interviews from the deck of the radio station. Others are pre-recorded interviews done by volunteer reporters during the fly-in. 7/19 NEW- Chats from the Deck, The Podcast! SUN 'n FUN isn't just for April any more! So we're doing a podcast about all the happenings on the SUN 'n FUN campus. A new episode will be released every other month, PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are copyrighted by Sun 'n Fun Radio and may not be used for anything other than your listening enjoyment without the express written permission of Sun 'n Fun Radio. Donations to support SUN 'n FUN Radio can be sent to through PayPal or by clicking below:
Sun 'n FUN Radio Turns 20!

SUN 'n FUN Radio's 20th Birthday Bash!

Help Us Celebrate and We'll Celebrate Your Help!

The SUN 'n FUN International Fly-in & Expo hits 40 come April 2014. Forty years of aviation fun and adventure, camaraderie and entertainment. A globally recognized signature event on the annual aviation calendar.
Twenty years ago, as SUN 'n FUN International Fly-in & Expo feted its 20th year, a media volunteer launched a new communications service for the people at the fly-in, something to augment the existing show daily and word-of-mouth.
The 1995 fly-in brought the debut of SUN 'n FUN Radio as a one-person operation, working in a cramped 5 X 6-foot room in the old Media Center.
SUN 'n FUN Radio succeeded, grew, moved, grew more and moved again over the years, becoming the stand-alone, volunteer broadcast service and internet streamer heard around the world today.
On its 20th anniversary SUN 'n FUN Radio plays an important role promoting the fly-in's myriad of events, participants, exhibitors and sponsors. The station facilities have grown slightly since the station started in that tiny room in old Media Center – now the year round Sea Plane Pilots Association headquarters.
Now adjacent to the Sunset Grill with its own offices, editing, production facilities and broadcast deck facing Club House Row. Near 40 Sun 'n Fun Radio volunteer interviewers, producers and editors broadcast their programming across the grounds and around the world thanks to the Internet and live streaming.
And all that content originates on the SUN 'n FUN grounds with SUN 'n FUN participants.
But the Interview Deck needs work and expansion, editing facilities are still being updated and a back deck would allow more people to visit station staff away from the broadcasting center.
With these needs in play, SUN 'n FUN Radio set some goals for facilities improvements with the help of underwriters and sponsors – benefactors who would be publicly credited in many different ways through the next year – to five years.

An Excellent Opportunity – with staying power!
Sponsors' Commemorative SUN 'n FUN Station Deck!
SUN 'n FUN Radio plans to rebuild and enlarge the existing front deck, plus add a rear deck. The front-deck expansion is needed to get closer to our in-person audience, reduce crowding during changes in on-air guests and improve the movement of guests and station volunteers to and from the interview deck.
The plans for the new rear deck include using the separate space for a whole new series of interviews for broadcast on a separate audio feed. (Use as a station social area after hours is also contemplated.)
SUN 'n FUN Radio needs sponsors to fund the materials and the needed non-volunteer labor.
These one-time donations offer the six total sponsors needed a multiple-year payback.
The station chairman would love to get at least six more $1,500 donations to match two donations already secured – but a maximum of eight will be accepted – hence the 6 additional sponsorships available and needed.
Each donation will be recognized in multiple ways. First, the $1,500 contribution gets the sponsors' names permanently blast etched into the deck. Second, the sponsors' names will be repeated as identifying from where we are speaking during live broadcasts each day of SUN 'n FUN.
Third, the sponsors' contributions will be further recognized in the SUN 'n FUN program and on the fly-in website – for the lifetime of the deck. The current deck, erected largely through the donations of long-time volunteers, has lasted 12 years – the new decks should exceed that longevity.
Finally, between fly-ins the sponsors’ names will be repeated in-context with their donation recognition in the internet streaming of Sun 'n Fun Radio programming throughout the year.

Celebrate our birthday with us!
Give the Gift of a Gift by Sponsoring Live On-Air Prize Drawings

SUN 'n FUN Exhibitors, Supporters, Sponsors and Underwriters can make a lasting memory for 36 lucky listeners who attend SUN 'n FUN 2014.
Each broadcast hour of each show day, SUN 'n FUN Radio plans to draw one name out of all the entries sent in via the on line registration form or via a drop box at the station.
Each gift donor will receive multiple mentions on the day of their sponsorship and a week-long association with the station's celebration of its 20th year of service to the SUN 'n FUN audience.
Prizes offered should be memorable enough to promote bragging rights and should be accompanied with a memento of the occasion naming the sponsoring organization and the lucky winner – six times daily for all six days of SUN 'n FUN!
Supply one gift a day, one gift total or all six gifts for a single day and receive additional promotion announcements to match your support plus a special thank-you announcement each day of SUN 'n FUN!

A Singularly Great Deal:
High-Visibility Spots on SUN 'n FUN Radio!

SUN ‘n FUN Radio serves a unique audience – but not merely during the six days of the fly-in at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.
During the show daily programming is repeatedly streamed around the globe, first in the live streaming of the station's daily broadcasts and the daily full-audio streaming of the daily air-show flying, and evening programs.
After the live-broadcast day ends SUN ‘n FUN Radio programming continues on-air and across the Web as both broadcasts and streaming of the day's programming continues at hours accessible to a broad overseas audience.
This global reach provides a unique opportunity to exhibitors and vendors at SUN ‘n FUN 2014 with a variety of daily 30-second promotional spots run live on SUN 'n FUN Radio – and streamed to the audience listing around the world.
Pick SUN ‘n FUN Radio's Four-Runner Daily spot package and for $550 your company, product or project receives four 30-second spots daily – 24 total for the six days of the fly-in. That's an affordable $22.92 per spot – a bargain in any media environment, and a steal for reaching the aviation-focused fans of SUN ‘n FUN Radio.
For those with smaller budgets to work on their big ambitions Sun 'n Fun Radio offers the Two-Fer Daily spot package, which provides two 30-second spots daily for a total of $300 – at the low price of $25 per spot.
And for those who want their spots timed to the peak of the day's entertainment, SUN ‘n FUN Radio offers the deal of the fly-in – Have your 30-second spot aired over the PA system during each day's Air Show entertainment, for an additional $100.

SUN 'n FUN Radio's Birthday Party!

Of course, people love celebrating birthdays – maybe not always their own, and maybe only the party part.
It wouldn't be an official SUN ‘n FUN Radio birthday without a party.
So SUN ‘n FUN Radio offers Sponsors, Exhibitors, Benefactors, a once-in-a-decade opportunity to underwrite a birthday party for SUN ‘n FUN Radio at the 2014 Fly-In!
Inquire about supplying a beverage, snacks or airshow food through a contribution and sponsorship of the station's 20th Birthday party staged adjacent to the SUN ‘n FUN Radio Station.
You or your company provide the resources – the beverages, snacks, disposable utensils; the station's volunteer staff will do the work; and you or your company will bathe in the credit with a banner proclaiming your sponsorship for the Sun 'n Fun Birthday Bash – with the audience limited to 100 lucky listeners who will win their party tickets on the air, courtesy of your company!

SUN 'n FUN Radio's Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Like many an evolving operation SUN 'n FUN Radio has changed with the times and technology of recording, editing and broadcasting its programming.
And the station continues to need to update and replace equipment, furnishings, and consumables that help keep the station and its dozens of volunteers running as productively as they know how.
So we've created The SUN 'n FUN Radio Online Wish List and populated it with links to items so donors can purchase and have shipped them to the station or generously donate funds – and we'll do the rest.
Contributors through this mechanism will be named on a plaque displayed on the station wall for public viewing and mentioned daily during the broadcast day.
Please consider this option or combining with friends or co-workers in honor of a friend, boss or customer.
For more on how your support can help SUN 'n FUN Radio begin its third decade and promote your company or product at the fly-in, contact Station Chairman Dave Shallbetter ( You'll be able to find more at the SUN 'n FUN Radio link at
Twentieth anniversaries only come along once. Come along and help us celebrate SUN 'n FUN Radio and elevate the exposure of your company, product or service.

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