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Chats From The Deck is a compilation of recordings hosted by Dave Shallbetter, Chairman of Sun 'n Fun Radio (broadcasting on 1510 AM & streaming on from the annual Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo held in Lakeland, Florida, each spring. (For more information on the event please visit Some are recordings of live interviews from the deck of the radio station. Others are pre-recorded interviews done by volunteer reporters during the fly-in. 7/19 NEW- Chats from the Deck, The Podcast! SUN 'n FUN isn't just for April any more! So we're doing a podcast about all the happenings on the SUN 'n FUN campus. A new episode will be released every other month, PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are copyrighted by Sun 'n Fun Radio and may not be used for anything other than your listening enjoyment without the express written permission of Sun 'n Fun Radio. Donations to support SUN 'n FUN Radio can be sent to through PayPal or by clicking below:

LUNCH with AOPA on the closing day of SNF 2023

Talking why Sun N Fun is so important and the good cause it supports.

Dave end the 2023 Sun N Fun Live show 

Jim talks what is salvage and what chnaged with aviation salvage who can buy the aircraft and more.


Miek talks aviation in conservation

Talking Direct Entry Captians and Airline Flying and Hiring.

Scott talks Pilot Recruiting for Silver Airways.

Cpt. Sollars talks with us on her Sling aircraft build in africa and the journey across the atlantic to OSH 2022.

gary talks Gap Analyses, Webcams and pure research topics

Jennnifer talks CFAA and Sun N Fun and the Student Volunteers


Gene joins us on the deck to talk about the 2023 Sun N Fun and whats to come in the future.

Eric talks about the new and improved things you will see at the Aerospace Campus.

Eric Crump and Dave Shallbetter Open the Live Show from the Deck on 4/1/23

Tyler Talks Airline Jobs and Why Piedmont Airlines.


Royal Air Force Cadets Chole Harber, Peter Knight and Squad Leader Mark Bird talk RAF and what they do and why they come to SNF.


LUNCH with AOPA talks AOPA Sweepstakes Cessna 170


Mike talks Forged Flight Works, Avionics and Interiors along with passion for aviation and career change to follow his aviation dreams.


Wounded Warior Project and what they have to offer the Aviation Industry.


Mike talks Volunteer Pilot Organization flying people for helthcare.


Kelly talks with Lt. Cmdr. Megan Gaston a current pilot flying the NOAA WP-30 Orion Pilot.

WAI and NOAA Partners 

Hurricane Hunters

Jennifer talks CFAA and Sun N Fun along with Student Volunteers 

Talks Lakeland Harley


Sara talks Travel Shoreline talks travel and why to use the travel agency. or


Jim talks Lincoln Electric and Welding Workshops.


Alan talks about his aircraft detailing and paint restoration. This is a new alternative to painting saving you thousands when its time to paint.


Trey is back talking with Daniela the president of Aerosport talking to us about the importance if sales and service, dealerships and the Stream, Sting, Sirius, Sparker.

David talks the honda Gererators and the EU3200 and more.


Trey talks TL North America and the TL Sport Aircraft and the new Sparker aircraft arrival this summer.



Sam talks the Beech Bash in the Bluegrass Social Gathering.


Jason Talks MZeroA and the online ground school, Real world flight training and his new book Aviation Mastery also the Pilot Shortage.

Civial Air Patrol and Emergency Services and Search and Rescue. Also how to become a Civil Air Patrol Pilot and what CAP Pilots Do.

LUNCH with AOPA talks AOPA Air Safety Institute and SAFETY


Talks about how how she got into the STOL world and more about the STOL operations and the new Back Country Challenge.



Talk about what is pearls with purpose and when it started. Talks about the non-profit and what impact is has had in the last 22yrs.


Talks about JS Firm



Talk about Women in Aviation and the power of the WAI Chapter Network.

Talks About Promoting Aviation to Asian Women and Merchandise such as Shirts, Hats and more.


Talks their product MotoArt Plane Tags

Talks Aviation Medical Certification 


Talks NAFI Membership for anyone and the first National CFI Conference this year. 

NAFI Summit October 2023 in Lakeland, FL

Talks about the Non-Profit and how it helps under priveleged youth an entry into aviation in both the maintenance and pilot side in return for the sweat equity put into working on the planes, the members are allowed an opportunity to learn to fly in the planes they built.

facebook: Tango Thirty One Aero Club

Nancy Talks the Waco 100th Anniversary Fly-In and the History of Waco Aircraft in Ohio along with the 100th Anniversary Goal - 100 Wacos in one place and event Details.

Sara talks about Shareline Aviation Insuracne and what " The Shoreline Advantage " is and what makes them different from the others. 

Located on the Walker Couty Airport in Jasper, Albama

Talking about ACE Scholarship Opportunities.

H.A.N.D Campaign Mission - To AID Women of all ages in acheiving thir aviation goals through awarding flight training scholorships.

Military Themed T-Shirts and Art

A Local Company to Lakeland who wants to inspire People and Americans

Talking with The British Air Cadets and Why They love Sun N Fun 

Justine Harrison, AOPA General Counsel and Ian Arendt, AOPA Legal Services Plan Attorney Talk to you about their Protection Services.

B-25 Flights and Training and Continuning Education 

Plug and Play Options for Aircraft audio panels

High SChool Aviation Programs - AMAZING Oppertunity fro Kids - Women in Aviation

Talking about the Program and what it can do for its Cadets and their Future.

Billy talks new products, New STC fro Cessna 180/182 also talks about the new Company Growth and the New News Coming.

Talking about the Event and giving the Event preview 

New Aviation and Space Museum on Cape Cod

Deputy Administrator of the FAA and Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs and Enviorment.

Nick talks about all the My Go Glight Products and the new Ipad Cooling Cases

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Keith is promoting his book Expect Turbulence; My Real-Life experence learning to fly

Talking about aircraft Judging 

Talking about being able to replace Magnetos with DUAL Electroair Systems.

Discussing the benefits of the CAP and what it can do for our young american men and women.

James talks about AOPA Advocacy and more.

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Talking Media Productions 

Talking Brand Overview and Sponsored Pilot team and Show Specials

Talking 2024 Legacy Tour, D-Day Squadron and DC-3 Society

Emmie Smith Talks Women Shine and Cirrus Participation

Gary talks about Free New Book and Online Program for CFI's

Teresa Talks Headsets, Flight Bags and ANR for Helmets.

Talking about A50 S-LSA Acceptance and more.

Victor talks aviation based STEM Education and Career Opportunities.

The Brits - The Royal Air Force CAdets Talk about their program on the deck.

Dave talks about his avaition furnature and PLANE Tags, Aloha Plane Tag Tour

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Matt talkas the new Bose A30 Aviation headset

Dean talks about these amazing optics that are headset friendly and so much more.

Paige talks about Piedmont Airlines and about the WAI membership, Scholarships and More.

Lt. Col. Phil talks about the Civil Air Patrol Program (CAP) - Community Service, Search and Rescue and Youth Development.

Josh Talks the US Freedom Flyers Program and its Pilot Advocacy and Organizational Purpose.

Gary talks about the FAA Tech in the Cock pit Program and it goes by a few different names.

Digital Copilot, Flight Profiler, Voice Pireps, ADS-B Turbulence and Weather Information Latenncy Demonstrator.

Mark talks about his Amazing aircraft company - These are some amazing little aircraft.

Gene is talking about "Fly in theJungle" being a mission pilot or just working in the Mission field while in Aviation whatever the skill set is.

Richard talks about his amazing maps of airports that show you the weather and what state the airport is in VFR/IFR/LIFR.

Susan is interviewed on the deck talking about the Green Bay Airport (KGRB) and why flying to KGRB for AirVenture is the way to go.