Chats From The Deck
Chats From The Deck is a compilation of recordings hosted by Dave Shallbetter, Chairman of Sun 'n Fun Radio (broadcasting on 1510 AM & streaming on from the annual Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo held in Lakeland, Florida, each spring. (For more information on the event please visit Some are recordings of live interviews from the deck of the radio station. Others are pre-recorded interviews done by volunteer reporters during the fly-in. 7/19 NEW- Chats from the Deck, The Podcast! SUN 'n FUN isn't just for April any more! So we're doing a podcast about all the happenings on the SUN 'n FUN campus. A new episode will be released every other month, PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are copyrighted by Sun 'n Fun Radio and may not be used for anything other than your listening enjoyment without the express written permission of Sun 'n Fun Radio. Donations to support SUN 'n FUN Radio can be sent to through PayPal or by clicking below:

Carl Valeri and Russ Roslewski interview Jennifer Datz and Mary Woolf of Women in Aviation about women in aerospace and NASA.

Carl Valeri and David Kolbaba chat with Steve Hedges and Chris Cooper of AOPA about their regulatory efforts in the time of Covid and their ongoing advocacy efforts.


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Carl Valeri chats with Patrick McAlee of Patrick McAlee Airshows about his airshow routines and his first impressions of Sun n Fun.

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Carl Valeri chats with Lee Lauderback of Stallion 51 about flying the P-51 Mustang at Sun n Fun and the importance of proficiency and currency.


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Russ Roslewski chats with Daniela Knoll of Kanardia Avionics about their easy to read avionics offerings for experimental and light sport aircraft.

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Carl Valeri chats with Karl Grove and George Sturges of AC Aero USA about their combined cycle engines and liquid cooled Lycoming engines.


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Kevin Strieter and Robert Erickson chat with Daniel Ajazi from Spray Gunner about their airbrush and paint supply offerings.

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Carl Valeri chats with Tal Clark of CoFlyt about their app created to make GA aircraft ownership easier, especially for communication between multiple users.


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Carl Valeri & David St George of SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators) chat about improving the professionalism and excellence of CFIs.


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Kevin Strieter and Robert Erickson chat with Steve Olive of Oasis Avionics about their avionics technician training programs and product offerings.


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Kevin Strieter and Robert Erickson chat with Jason Merkle of Horizon Hobby about their RC model aircraft including Mike Patey's Draco RC aircraft.


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Carl Valeri and Dave Shallbetter chat with Mark Lampe aka Captain Santa Claus about their specialty ties and aviation gifts, the deaf pilots association, and the organizations they support.

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Each day at SUN 'n FUN SUN 'n FUN Radio is proud to feature Women Shine at SUN 'n FUN presented by Women in Aviation International.

On Tuesday April 13, opening day of SnF21, Russ Roslewski and Carl Valeri interview Molly Blackford, WAI Space Coast Florida Tech Chapter President and Jackie Carlon, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications  about their mentoring and outreach programs.


Dave and Mike host the Wednesday morning run up from Paradise City with special guest Michael McClellan.

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